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In most cases, TeX does not distinguish between spaces and newlines. However, inside some macros and environments this distinction matters a lot. Time for a big list? Please edit the CW answer.

This occurred when pondering about Forward-inverse search using SyncTeX with the precison of a single word; this "expert knowledge" is however also relevant for any tool that tries to preprocess (La)TeX code, such as latexdiff.

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As everyone can define its own verbatim-like environment e.g. with the help of fancyvrb or listings I don't see how you should ever been able to get a complete list. – Ulrike Fischer Jun 14 '12 at 14:58
@UlrikeFischer: Yes, indeed this adds even more complexity. But still not impossible, just makes the list bigger and... dynamic :-) – krlmlr Jun 14 '12 at 22:08
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  • verbatim

  • lstlisting, plus custom environments defined through \lstnewenvironment (listings package)

  • Verbatim, plus custom environments defined through \DefineVerbatimEnvironment (fancyvrb package)


  • \index

  • \verb

  • \obeylines

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