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I'm looking for the EB Garamond font on LaTeX. Precisely that. And my search, on Google and on TeX.SX, hasn't returned anything, yet.

I'm aware that I can have URW-Garamond No. 8 on LaTeX, e.g., \usepackage[urw-garamond]{mathdesign}, and I know I can have EB Garamond on XeTeX, but these are not what I'm looking for.

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There is a link on the first link on Google where you can download it. But without XeLatTeX how do you plan to use it? – percusse Jun 16 '12 at 15:53
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In the meantime, an ebgaramond package has arrived on CTAN. It also features Type 1 fonts, and thus can be used with pdflatex, too. Use it via


Package options for old style/lining figures, and proportional/tabular figures are osf, lf, p, and t, among others. There is even a microtype configuration for this font.

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The font EB Garamond, by Georg Duffner, may be obtained (among other sites) from the author's own website.

It's an OpenType font; after installing it, you'll need to use either Xe(La)TeX or Lua(La)TeX to load it. Or, follow the link in the comment provided by Marco Daniel and use Harrold Cavendish's method to make it usable under pdf(La)TeX.

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