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I've been producing a technical book in Lyx. I've decided that for this work, I'ld be better off using Adobe Indesign. it need allot of complex layout/graphical stuff. Like timelines, sidebars, complex tables (I have some tables, but I want to do things like put text in a smaller font underneath the text I've got, which LyX's GUI doesn't support). Even ignoring those reasons learning InDesign is useful, in it's own right.

I guess I want to turn my Parts, or chapters into Documents.

I know InDesign has some stuff for importing XML, thought I'm not to clues up on that. So perhaps I can Export to Tex and then Convert to XML? Then import the XML into InDesign? Or am I better off doing it manually: Export to text file, and copy and paste. Recreating layout and tables manaually?

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This tech.dir.groups.yahoo.com/group/adobe-indesign/message/3680 Suggested that manual is the best way – Oxinabox Jun 18 '12 at 4:32