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According to this document and my own experience. MiKTeX 2.9's version of tex4ht is not working. Using MiKTeX 2.8's tex4ht does work, but is obviously not prefered. Does anybody know how to fix MiKTeX 2.9's version of tex4ht?

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Did you install it using the 'user' package manager?

I've had a similar problem myself and did a clean and re-install, this time making sure I added tex4ht-base with the 'admin' package manager.

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On the current MiKTeX 2.9 (December 2012) tex4ht works nicely with several example documents. What is slightly misleading that the extra scripts, e.g. mzlatex and others are not installed. Instead it is recommend to use the wrapper mk4ht.

Have you tried mk4ht mzlatex example.tex? This calls tex4ht and should create the correct output.

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