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This code writes the subtype of disc nodes to the log file.

show_hyph = function(head)
  while head do
    if head.id == 0 or head.id == 1 then % hlist, vlist
    elseif head.id == 7 then             % disc
      texio.write_nl("Subtype " .. head.subtype)
  head = head.next
  return true



The LuaTeX reference manual says in section “disc nodes”

pre <node> pointer to the pre-break text

How do I access this?

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How do I access this?

This is very simple and straightforward: use head.pre to access the list pointing to the pre part of the discretionary.

Now the question you might ask next is "why is the pre-part nil?" This is because you call your function show_hyph() on the post_linebreak_filter. At that point the pre part is already inserted before that disc node and thus the pre part is empty. The same is with post and replace. What I can't tell you is why the disc node stays in the node list.

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OK. I was hoping to use this to review the hyphenations, but it seems it is not that simple. – Håkon Malmedal Jun 19 '12 at 17:57
@HåkonMalmedal Just ask another question on "how to review ... " and I'll think of a solution :) – topskip Jun 19 '12 at 18:03

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