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I would like to define a switch that shows additional comments in some text (containing formulas). As you can see below by setting showString to true, this works well. However, when I set it to false, there is some leftover space before the full stop. I tried to "ignore" it by using \ignorespaces, but that's still contains the one blank from after the word "text". How can this be avoided?

One solution would be to insert a space before #1 in \mystring and use "This is just some text\mystring{here}" in the example (so removing the space before the command). Is there a more elegant solution?



\setboolean{showString}{false}% use true/false
\newcommand*{\mystring}[1]{\ifthenelse{\boolean{showString}}{\text{\bfseries #1}}{\ignorespaces}}

This is just some text \mystring{here}.

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try putting \unskip at the beginning of the "false" condition to get rid of a space already input. – barbara beeton Jun 20 '12 at 13:01
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I'd suggest

  \ifthenelse{\boolean{showString}}{\text{\bfseries #1}}{\ifhmode\unskip\fi}}
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