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I am making a poster with baposter. When I want to make a talbe (put in \headerbox{}), I got error message:

! LaTeX Error: Not in outer par mode.

See the LaTeX manual or LaTeX Companion for explanation. Type  H <return>  for 
immediate help.

l.219   }

! Undefined control sequence. \caption@ORI@xfloat ... \global \setbox \@currbox
                                              \color@vbox \normalcolor \...
l.219   }

! Missing number, treated as zero. <to be read again>
l.219   }

If I remove \begin{table}[ht] and end{table} below, I got an array.

\begin{equation*}  \scalemath{0.8}{
\begin{array}{ | c | c | c | c | } \hline
  dy & x & x^2 & x^3 \\ \hline
  1 & \bullet & \bullet & \bullet \\ \hline
  y & \bullet & \bullet & \bullet \\ \hline
  y^2 & \times & \times & \times \\ \hline
\end{array} }

Do I need a special trick to make a table when I use baposter class?

Here is the code. You need baposter.cls.




\newcommand\scalemath[2]{\scalebox{#1}{\mbox{\ensuremath{\displaystyle #2}}}}

\newcommand{\ket}[1]{| #1 \rangle}
\newcommand{\Hand}{$\:$ \HandRight $\:\:$}





% border around images
      \node[fill=white,very thick,draw=gray,rounded corners=2mm,inner
      sep=5pt] (background) [fit = (A)] {};

\newcommand\scalemath[2]{\scalebox{#1}{\mbox{\ensuremath{\displaystyle #2}}}}



    grid=no,                         % show grid to help with alignment
    colspacing=0.33cm,               % column spacing
    bgColorOne=white,                % top background color (only color for background=plain)
    bgColorTwo=LighterBlue,          % bottom background color (for background=shade-tb)
    borderColor=black,               % line color around the insets
    headerColorOne=TodaiBlue,        % top color of inset header gradient
    headerColorTwo=OxfordBlue,       % bottom color of inset header gradient
    headerFontColor=white,           % font color of inset header
    textborder=rounded-small,        % Format of textbox
    eyecatcher=no,                   % Format of text header
    headerheight=0.093\textheight,   % height of the top header (use only if necessary)
    headerfont=\Large\bf,            % font type for inset header
    linewidth=1.2pt                  % thickness of line around the insets
    % No Eye Catcher.
  { % Poster Title
    \sf \huge % \sf = sans serif font
    \vspace{0.7cm} % distance from the top
    \textbf{This is the title}
  { % Author, Logo
    \begin{minipage}{15.0cm} % define the width of the minipage.

      % Author
      Author$^{1}$ \\


      % Institute


  \headerbox{Box}{name=G3Curves,column=0, span=1.2}{

        This is a test.

\begin{equation*}  \scalemath{0.8}{
\begin{array}{ | c | c | c | c | } \hline
  dy & x & x^2 & x^3 \\ \hline
  1 & \bullet & \bullet & \bullet \\ \hline
  y & \bullet & \bullet & \bullet \\ \hline
  y^2 & \times & \times & \times \\ \hline
\end{array} }


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You can't use table inside a box and you're trying to use it in \headerbox. Why should you want table? – egreg Jun 21 '12 at 16:42
You don't need a table environment. as you don't want it to float. Your code with that commented out is the correct thing to do. – David Carlisle Jun 21 '12 at 16:45

The environment table is a floating object. Floating objects aren't allowed inside boxes. So simple remove the environment table.

The explanation is given in the questions:

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I guess using \captionof is better for posters – percusse Jun 13 '13 at 21:03
@percusse: it is a cw. Feel free to edit the answer. – Marco Daniel Jun 14 '13 at 0:37

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