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@GonzaloMedina has posted a nice example (see Progress bar for latex-beamer) on how to put a progress bar in a beamer presentation.

I would like to have the bar from the first example (the blue and shaded), but with the numbering from the third example (the `fraction'-like). I would really appreciate it, if someone will create a MWE for me where this is implemented.

P.S. I hope that this is a okay way of asking questions---I had my first try on Progress bar for latex-beamer. Am I still wrong, let me know and I will try to improve my question technique.

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The quickest fix seems to be finding the lines

\draw[color=normal text.fg!50]  
      (0pt, 0pt) rectangle (\progressbar@pbwd, \progressbar@pbht) 
        node[pos=0.5,color=normal text.fg] {\textnormal{%

in the first one and changing it to

\draw[color=normal text.fg!50]  
  (0pt, 0pt) rectangle (\progressbar@pbwd, \progressbar@pbht) 
    node[pos=0.5,color=normal text.fg] {%

enter image description here

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