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I have a bibliography list in Word 2007, but want to import them into JabRef (bibTex). I have searched around, the bibliography in Word is stored in an XML file, but JabRef does not import via such format? I wonder if there is an efficient way to do this so I don't need to add the entries one by one. Many thanks.

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I don't know of anything that will work without bother. For Word 2007, Reference Manager will export Word's bibliography to Bibtex. The next release is intended to handle Word 2010 bibliographies. I have the impression that you can import the 2010 format sources.xml files into Word 2007, with Word 2007 dropping what it doesn't understand, but I can't recall where I got the idea.

One of the authors of the JabRef Word References exporters wrote a bit about converting between the two formats: see his Details of Microsoft Office 2007 Bibliographic Format Compared to BibTex. It looks hard to do cleanly.

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