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I want to use the IEEE tran LaTeX class for one of my conference papers. Three different institutions need to be affiliated and I'm trying now to design the header in a more attractive and functional fashion like it is shown in figure 2. As far as I know, the only design element that is provided is the \and command in order to influence the layout. This does not lead to a satisfying result, though, because the affiliation blocks are not aligned properly.

At the moment all insitutions are positioned in one column one after the other which chews up a lot of space, leaving a large unused area at the right side of the header page. Do you have any suggestions/ experience to share?

Thank you in advance!

Desired Layout

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The reason for that is IEEEtran is designed to use \thanks command for the institution of the authors. The email addresses, institution etc. goes under the left column sometimes even half a column. The header space is reserved only for author names with a lot of stars daggers on them. Search for IEEEtran how to for the documentation. – percusse Jun 26 '12 at 9:38
Actually I'm even referring to the official HOWTO, @percusse. On page 4 the following is stated: "2) Names in Conference Mode: The author name area is more complex when in conference mode because it also contains the authors’ affiliations." An example that produces a similar (unwanted) output is stated on the following page. – Eric Jun 26 '12 at 10:43
I added the remark, that I want to write a conference paper, though. Thank you @percusse. – Eric Jun 26 '12 at 10:45
Ah that's a subtle point of IEEE. Many conferences stopped using IEEEtran in the conference mode and switched to customized \documentclass{ieeeconf} usage. Search for the style file as recent as you can :) – percusse Jun 26 '12 at 10:51
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What I eventually did was using the IEEE tran template with the following code. Looks clean and saves space.

\IEEEauthorblockN{{\bf John Doe}\IEEEauthorrefmark{1}\IEEEauthorrefmark{2}\IEEEauthorrefmark{3}\\ \tt\footnotesize john@domain.com} \and
\IEEEauthorblockN{{\bf Jane Doe}\IEEEauthorrefmark{1}\\ \tt\footnotesize jane@domain.com}
\IEEEauthorblockA{\IEEEauthorrefmark{1}Affiliate 1, Adress ...}
\IEEEauthorblockA{\IEEEauthorrefmark{2}Affiliate 2, Adress ...}
\IEEEauthorblockA{\IEEEauthorrefmark{3}Affiliate 3, Adress ...}
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So your solution is something like this Have you found a solution for the original question? I've tried to achieve similar results with similar success. Here's what I intend to do tex.stackexchange.com/questions/141456/… – demil133 Oct 30 '13 at 21:44
Eric, you can't really accept this answer because you ended up not doing what you asked to do... – einpoklum Apr 1 '15 at 10:01

I did what the original question asked, but only for two affiliations. The key is to use two consecutive \and after the authors block. Please find below the ugly hack. Notice the \hspace{1cm} for the first affiliation block to center the whole block w.r.t. the page. The hspace size should change depending on the longest line in the first affiliation block.

    Author3\IEEEauthorrefmark{1} and
    \hspace{1cm} Affiliation1\\
    \hspace{1cm}\{Author1, Author3\}@affiliation.com}
    \{Author2, Author4\}@affiliation.fr}
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Welcome to TeX.SX! – Andrew Swann Aug 20 '15 at 15:30

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