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I'm trying to format the nomenclature such that there is, ideally, a curly bracket around a series of items with 1 definition. If that's not possible then at least having a line break in between successive items then having the definition in the middle would be great.

(I've read the documentation and it says that `You can have have line breaks in the argument' but I have been unsuccessful at implementing it).

I've included a relatively short working code showing what I would ideally like in the nomenclature.





K_{xx}  &   K_{xy}      \\
K_{yx}  &   K_{yy}      \\
\nomenclature{$K$, $K_x$, $K_y$, $K_{xx}$, $K_{yy}$, $K_{xy}$, $K_{yx}$}{Permeability values {$[m^2]$}}%

    &K,    \\
    &K_x,~K_y,    \\
    &K_{xx},~K_{yy},    \\
    &K_{xy},~    \&~K_{yx}
\right\}$Permeability values {$[m^2]$}

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So I have a workaround appended. Essentially adding either \begin{aligned} and \end{aligned} allows you to add line breaks. For what I was looking to do I found an rrcases command which makes it look nice.

 %Nomenclature curly braces

\nomenclature{$\begin{rrcases}K\\K_x\\K_y\\K_{xx}\\K_{yy}\\K_{xy}\\K_{yx}\end{rrcases}$}{Permeability values\nomunit{m^2}}%
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