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Is it possible to use AutoHotKey to facilitate LaTeX document authoring? In which ways? Is there any off the shelf AutoHotKey script for this purpose?

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It doesn't really matter from which language you call (la|con)?tex(t)? (given that the language supports executing system commands). Unless you mean implementing TeX in AutoHotKey. That'd be a feat. – morbusg Jun 28 '12 at 14:38
@morbusg I want to know experiment of TeX.SE users in using AutoHotKey if any. – PHPst Jun 28 '12 at 16:17
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In general, I'm very inaccurate when typing things like "\", "{", "$" etc. It's especially cumbersome to navigate text with the Left, Right, Up and Down keys and you do all of these things constantly when typing tex.

I haven't spent much time learning how to write scripts with AHK, but I did write a few things to make a few shortcuts and to save the amount of which my wrists have to bend while typing tex.

For example, these I wrote for my preference.

^space:: Send {{}{}}{Left}
CapsLock:: Send {$}{$}{Left}
^9:: Send {(}{)}{Left}
^l:: Send {Right}
^j:: Send {Left}
^i:: Send {Up}
^m:: Send {Down}
^k:: Send {Down}
+^l:: Send +{Right}
+^j:: Send +{Left}
+^i:: Send +{Up}
+^m:: Send +{Down}
+^k:: Send +{Down}
^f:: Send {^}
^p:: Send \pause{Enter}{Enter}
^h:: Send \
^n:: Send \{{}\{}}{Left}{Left}
^;:: Send {End}
^Backspace:: Send {Delete}
^=:: Send {&}={&}

I came here because I too was wondering if someone with professional knowledge of AHK had written something useful for writing tex.

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You can use AutoHotKeys to define a bunch of keyboard shortcuts for the most often used LaTeX commands:

\begin{<input your environment name>}
\end{<AutoHotKeys automatically closes it with the same environment name>}

\item <cursor is put here>




But if you're willing to invest time in learning a tool to ease LaTeX document authoring, I suggest emacs and the good AUCTeX extension. It has many well-thought keyboard shortcuts, syntax highlighting (including bold for \section), jump to the point of compilation error, table of content navigation, etc. http://www.gnu.org/software/auctex/features.html

Works under Linux, Windows and Mac.

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How do I get Autohotkey to close the current environment automatically. So far I use b# to expand to \begin{} but I am looking for a more sophisticated solution. – Uwe Ziegenhagen Sep 25 '13 at 23:25
This comment should be converted to a full question, about autoHotKeys (and this not on TeX.SE). – jrouquie Sep 26 '13 at 8:49

By accident I found this question and also by accident I found an answer a long time ago:


The guy there, Mr. Ziegenhagen, blogs some useful scripts in order to make the LaTeX life easier. Some examples:

InputBox, UserEnv, Environment, Please enter an environment!, , 240, 120
If ErrorLevel
if( RegExMatch(UserEnv, "(.*?)(\d+)$", splitted) ) {
    Send \begin{{}%splitted1%{}}{Enter}
        Loop %splitted2% {
            Send \item {Enter}
    Send \end{{}%splitted1%{}}{Up}
    count2 := splitted2 - 1 
    Loop %count2% {
        Send {Up}
    Send \begin{{}%UserEnv%{}}{Enter 2}\end{{}%UserEnv%{}}{Up}

If you press Alt+e and enter e. g. itemize3 then the script will insert


I think that's great! Here are some more examples:




:*:desc#::\begin{{}description{}}`r\item[]`r\item[]`r\item[]`r\end{{}description{}}{UP 3}{LEFT}
:*:enum#::\begin{{}enumerate{}}`r\item `r\item `r\item `r\end{{}enumerate{}}{UP 3}
:*:item#::\begin{{}itemize{}}`r\item `r\item `r\item `r\end{{}itemize{}}{UP 3}

See also this question. Here are more examples from Mr. Ziegenhagen's blog:


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Short question, short answer:

  1. Yes.
  2. AFAIK: No.
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It seems you missed the second of his three questions. As it stands now, I don't think this qualifies as an answer, but should rather be put as a comment. – canaaerus Sep 13 '12 at 16:42

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