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I cannot seem to figure out how to separate lines in the text of a pdfcomment (\pdfmarkupcomment). I tried different standard representations, like \n.

\pdfmarkupcomment{$1+1$}{first line second line}%shows lines together
%{first line\n second line} not working: undefined command \n
%{first line/n second line} /n ignored

a similar solution for the tab character (if possible) will be appreciated.

(note: if my memory doesn't fail, I think \pdfmarginpar did allow \n to represent the new line)

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According to the pdfcomment manual you are looking for \textCR. The tab character can be given as \textHT, and there is also \textLF for a line feed. (Manual for v2.3, page 10.) Certain for me

\pdfmarkupcomment{$1+1$}{first line\textCR second line}

works when viewed in Adobe Reader.

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