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I have a project split into several tex files that I make through Sweave (an R function that weaves together LaTeX and R code). One of the files contains lines for references:

\section{Viri in reference}

I create the pdf in the following manner.

pdflatex diploma; bibtex diploma; pdflatex diploma; pdflatex diploma

diploma.tex contains links to other segments of the project through \include. One of them is the above mentioned file with code for references.

Because I have a few references starting with local characters, the order is not as I would want it to be. Where (or when in the sequence of producing a pdf) can I change the order of references (and perhaps edit them a bit)? I use JabRef as a reference manager.

EDIT I will add these few lines for posterity if I need to come back later to see how I resolved this.

  author = "{\noopsort{Stirn} Štirn, J.}",
  title = {Manual of methods in aquatic environmental research},
  institution = {Food and agriculture organization of the united nations},
  year = {1981},
  timestamp = {2010.09.05}
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See the Tex FAQ, which provides a horrible workaround for just this issue.

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Your suggestion fits my problem like daddy on mommy. It did take me a while to get the syntax correctly. – Roman Luštrik Nov 29 '10 at 20:55

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