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My university requires that my thesis have specific margins:

the margin on the binding edge of the page, i.e. the left-hand edge of a recto and the right-hand edge of a verso, shall be not less than 40mm. Other margins shall be not less than 15mm

Is there any way to make the left margin on the front of a page and the right margin on the back to be bigger?

I read here that the margins for 12 pt, which I am using, have 1.5 inch margins which is only about 38mm. I would need to make sure that it was at least 40, but only on those specific sides. In addition, I am using A4 paper which has slightly different dimensions than regular US paper. I already have the pdf set up for A4, but I need to adjust the margins. Any help would be appreciated.

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Specify a binding offset to geometry


If you want wider margins, adjust the binding offset. However, a binding offset of 25mm (as requested) is justified only for ring binding or similar method. Universities have very bizarre requirements.

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Thank you very much! – Mike Stumpf Jul 4 '12 at 20:12

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