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I have the following diagram:

\[ \xymatrix @!=1pc {
  & Z \ar@{.>}[d]^{\exists!h} \ar@/_1.2pc/[ddl]_{p'} \ar@/^1.2pc/[ddr]^{q'} & \\
  & X \times_S Y \ar[dl]_p\ar[dr]^q & \\
X \ar[dr]_f & & Y \ar[dl]^g \\
  & S & 
} \]

which looks like this:


I want to decrease the spacing between the second and third rows. I know about @R=xpc, but that will decrease the spacing between the first and second rows as well.

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You can emulate it by using fake rows:

\xymatrix @C=1pc @R=.5pc{
  & Z \ar@{.>}[dd]^{\exists!h} \ar@/_.6pc/[dddl]_{p'} \ar@/^.6pc/[dddr]^{q'} & \\
  & X \times_S Y \ar[dl]_-p\ar[dr]^-q & \\
X \ar[ddr]_f & & Y \ar[ddl]^g \\
  & S &

enter image description here

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Perfect, thanks! –  Adeel Khan Jul 6 '12 at 17:04
I thought that it was necessary to use & even in empty rows. You didn't use! –  Sigur Jul 7 '12 at 2:26

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