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how do I use csvsimple (or what else? pgfplotstable?) with more than 1 condition as filter (i need about 7) to show a filtered csv-file as table? I tried things like:

filter=\equal{\gender}{m} and \equal{\grade}{5.0}

but that does not work. Example see below. Thanks.




\csvreader[head to column names,filter=\equal{\gender}{m}]{testdata.csv}{}
{\\\name & \grade} 

\csvreader[head to column names,filter=\equal{\grade}{5.0}]{testdata.csv}{}
{\\\name & \grade} 

\csvreader[head to column names,filter=\equal{\gender}{m} and \equal{\grade}{5.0]{testdata.csv}{}
{\\\name & \grade} 

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enter image description here

the package seems to use ifthenelse internally so you can use that package's boolean expressions involving \and and \or.

So I just changed one line to:

\csvreader[head to column names,filter=\equal{\gender}{m} \and \equal{\grade}{5.0}]{testdata.csv}{}
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Thank you..... :) – Daniel Jul 6 '12 at 20:50

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