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I have added the bib file refs.bib to the directory but I get errors indicating that the references are undefined.


\title{The Database Users Guide}
%...document body


%... some figures and tables


author = {someone},
journal = {Journal},
number = {1},
pages = {1--2},
title = {{Title}},
volume = {4},
year = {2000}
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latexlab? wow I did not know this! however modify tags, your question is related to latex in general. – meduz Jan 25 '11 at 13:52
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in your document you make a reference to a label:


This label does not exist, hence the reported error.

While what you want is a reference to a bibliographic item:


so, do:

  1. [optional] clean up your compilation files (foo.aux in particular)
  2. run latex (detects a citation)
  3. run bibtex (formats the citation)
  4. run latex (makes the link)
  5. run latex (you are done)

this sequence is for understanding how it works. When concentrating on writing a paper for instance, there's a lot of tools to automate this (try F1 in texmaker or command-T in texshop for instance)

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