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Some commands in LaTeX almost never contain meaningful words. Some prime examples are:

  • \label
  • \ref
  • \includegraphics
  • \input
  • \cite

In TexMaker, however, all words are included in the spellcheck, meaning there are plenty of false positives on each run of the check. Is it possible to get the spellchecker to ignore the contents of certain commands? Ideally the list of ignored commands would be user-editable.

If it is not possible in TexMaker, is there similar software which does contain this functionality?

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This is not an exactly answer to your question, but another path to the same goal:

Texmaker has a very nifty feature: You can compile the document to a PDF, and spell check the PDF-file in the internal viewer.

EDIT: How to spell check the PDF-file? After you have compiled the PDF, look at the far right side of the PDFpreview-window. There you have a tiny icon with the familiar ABC. Click on it, an a new window pops up with the text to spell check.

enter image description here

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How would one do this? –  TVK Mar 11 '13 at 15:54

This is currently not possible, as discussed in Issue 187 of the Texmaker issue tracker. Maybe other editors do have this feature, you can find an overview of editors in the big list: LaTeX Editors/IDEs.

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