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I am writing a paper using documentclass 'article' and using jabref for bibliography. While I was using unsrt as the citation style its giving me the following problem....

for example, i wrote multiple author name like..

Díez-Pascual, A. M. \& Ashrafi, B. \& Naffakh, M. \& González-Domínguez , J. M. 
\& Johnston, A. \& Simard, B. and Martínez, M. T. \& Gómez-Fatou, M. A.

but the output is coming like...

B. & Naffakh M. & González-Domínguez J. M. & Johnston A. & Simard B. Díez-Pascual,
A. M. & Ashrafi and M. A. Martínez, M. T. & Gómez-Fatou

any kind of help will be highly appreciable.

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The problem you describe has nothing to do with the unsrt bibliography style -- it would appear with any other bibliography style as well. In BibTeX, the separator between names of a multi-authored piece is and, not \&. Moreover, BibTeX might choke on accented characters such as á, í, and ó -- replace them with {\'a}, {\'i}, and {\'o}, respectively. Try setting up the name field as

name = {D{\'i}ez-Pascual, A. M. and Ashrafi, B. and Naffakh, M. and
       Gonz{\'a}lez-Dom{\'i}nguez , J. M. and Johnston, A. and Simard, B. 
       and Mart{\'i}nez, M. T. and G{\'o}mez-Fatou, M. A.},

and you should be in business.

You mention that you use jabref: check the settings to ensure that when you output a file in .bib format, the software knows (i) to use and as the separator between names in a name field and (ii) to use "constructed" accented characters rather than their direct representations.

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I am sorry to say that its not working for me. let me just give u a short example...input:Nielsen, L. E. and Landel, R. F. and out put is:R. F. Nielsen, L. E. and Landel – Nusrat Jul 9 '12 at 3:05
Please provide a complete MWE (minimum working example) that reproduces the problem behavior you're encountering. Without such information, it's nearly impossible to diagnose -- let alone fix -- the problem properly. – Mico Jul 9 '12 at 3:07

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