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I have some special delimiters that I want to add to a glossary, those get hyperlinks and colors etc. However when i want to use those delimiters, using \left, \right and \middle becomes impossible. I think with the following question fixed I can create my hyperlinked delimiters:

How to color delimiters:

As a minimal working example I have:


What i would like to have is (Created without \left \right):


This gets the error: ! Missing delimiter (. inserted).

Trying this :


results in ! Extra }, or forgotten \right.

Who can help me?

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use it this way:

$\color{red}\left(\normalcolor a\right)$


$\textcolor{red}{\big(} a\big)$

There a \big, \bigg, \Big, and \Bigg

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this will not work if the current color is not the \normalcolor. And as I want to use this in a command, this will not work for me. And put this in a hyperlink will not work with this solution. – J. van Hoorn Jul 11 '12 at 12:02
then you can only use \big et al (see edit). – Herbert Jul 11 '12 at 12:06
However, i do not want the delimiters to be big :) They should fit, that is why I want to use \left and \right – J. van Hoorn Jul 11 '12 at 15:49

Here is macro that can easily be extended to different styles of brackets:

enter image description here




    \newcommand{\@Brac}[3]{% #1,#3 = left/right bracket type           
        \mathopen{\color{red}\left#1\vphantom{#2}\BracKern\right.}% left bracket
        #2%  content
        \mathclose{\left.\BracKern\vphantom{#2}\right#3}% right bracket

    $\bracr{a}$  $\displaystyle\bracr{\frac{1}{2}}$
    $\bracs{a}$  $\displaystyle\bracs{\frac{1}{2}}$
    $\bracc{a}$  $\displaystyle\bracc{\frac{1}{2}}$
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