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I would like to display a set of equations with roman numerals on the left side. The equations should be left aligned and the = should be aligned. Something like that:

I)   ae + bg = ae + cf \Leftrightarrow bg = cf
II)  af + bh = be + df
III) ce + dg = ag + ch
IV)  cf + dh = bg + dh \Leftrightarrow cf = bg

How do I generally write left-aligned equations with roman numerals? How do I make it with mathjax?

This is the best I came up with:

  I)   & ae + bg &= ae + cf &\Leftrightarrow bg = cf \\
  II)  & af + bh &= be + df\\
  III) & ce + dg &= ag + ch\\
  IV)  & cf + dh &= bg + dh &\Leftrightarrow cf = bg

With this solution, the numeration is italic.

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Whichever method you end up using to get equations numbered with left-aligned roman numerals, do not use the eqnarray environment; use align instead. For more information on why it's bad to use eqnarray, you may want to start with this posting: tex.stackexchange.com/a/197/5001. – Mico Jul 13 '12 at 11:52
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\section{Lipsum lupsum}
ae + bg & = ae + cf \Leftrightarrow bg = cf \\
af + bh & = be + df \\
ce + dg & = ag + ch \\
cf + dh & = bg + dh \Leftrightarrow cf = bg

\item  $ae + bg  =  ae + cf \Leftrightarrow bg = cf$ 
\item  $af + bh  =  be + df$ 
\item  $ce + dg  =  ag + ch$ 
\item  $cf + dh  =  bg + dh \Leftrightarrow cf = bg$


Another way is to use \tag{i} .. and so forth on every line, but this is somewhat cumbersome. Alternatively look here


Include something like

  TeX: {
    Macros: {
      TagSide: "left",
      equationNumbers: {formatNumber: function (n) {return \Roman{*}}}

in a tex section in your MathJax.Hub.Config() call.

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