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I can't get the special table columns from the siunitx package to work. The numbers render in a normal l column but not in the special S coulmn. Here's my minimal example:

        \num{1.445e12} & \num{1.445e12} \\
        \num{95}       & \num{95}       \\

Result here


Not only is exponentiation not working in the table cell, but the numbers aren't even left-aligned. The same result is produced with pdflatex and xelatex.

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The content of an S column is 'automatically' inside \num, which should therefore not be used. Please try without it wrapping up each entry. – Joseph Wright Jul 14 '12 at 18:28
That does the trick! Thanks. – alex Jul 15 '12 at 0:50

The column type S provided by siunitx sets the contents of the cell automatically as an argument of \num. So you definition is equal to:


which fails. If you want that the cell isn't interpreted by \num you can put the cell in extra curly brackets {TITLE}.

Please note that some names of options have been changed. The package produces an error like

! siunitx error: "version-1-option"
! Version 1 option 'tabnumalign' detected.
! See the siunitx documentation for further information.
! For immediate help type H <return>.

The documentation of siunitx lists all changes in an extra table. See section 8.1 Upgrading from version 1.

OLD          ==> NEW
tabformat    ==> table-format
tabnumalign  ==> table-number-alignment

By the way: Avoid vertical lines inside tables and be spare with horizontal.

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siunitx documentation can be found here. – Paul Calcraft May 10 '13 at 10:23

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