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We are using JLatexMath library in java project to export some expression into JLatexMath. Code:

texCode="\\mathrm {let} {x}"

It shows Letx. What I need is Let x, space between Let and x. Does anybody knows how to put spaces between them. Thanks forward.

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let x ....

is really a text sentence rather than math so would normally be marked up as

Let $x$ be ....

with just the math bits in math, but perhaps your library only makes math expressions so you could do

 $\mbox{Let } x ... $

with \mbox giving a nested text context in which a space produces a word space. Apparently the $ are implicitly added by your API so you wouldn't need them.

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By default JLaTeXmath is in math mode. So the previous solution is the a good one. You can also use \text{let $x$}. Regards, Calixte – user16844 Jul 22 '12 at 14:37

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