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When I try to fit the page size to my tikz image, too much is cropped. No matter whether I use \documentclass{standalone}, \documentclass[preview=true]{standalone} or \usepackage[active,tightpage]{preview}\PreviewEnvironment{tikzpicture}. The complete source:




        \draw (-8,0) -- (8,0);
        \filldraw[shift={(8,0)},scale=0.25] +(-210:1) -- +(210:1) -- +(0:1) -- cycle;
        \draw (0,-8) -- (0,8);
        \filldraw[shift={(0,8)},scale=0.25,rotate=90] +(-210:1) -- +(210:1) -- +(0:1) -- cycle;
    \newcommand\hyper[4][]{\draw[mark=*,mark options={fill=black}] plot [#1] ({#2*exp(#4)+#3*exp(-#4)}, {#2*exp(#4)-#3*exp(-#4)})}
    \newcommand\hyperline[6]{\draw ({#1*exp(#3)+#2*exp(-#3)}, {#1*exp(#3)-#2*exp(-#3)}) -- ({#4*exp(#6)+#5*exp(-#6)}, {#4*exp(#6)-#5*exp(-#6)})}
    \foreach \a in {-1, 1}{%
        \foreach \b in {-1, 1}{%
            \begin{scope}[very thin, color=gray]
        \foreach \k in {0,...,2}{%


This looks like this:

enter image description here

After reading Transparency in tikz, preview package and xelatex, I tried to set the size manually:


But this gives me the error message:

! Package geometry Error: \paperwidth (0.0pt) too short.

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Ok, solved the problem with standalone. It was the empty line after the tikzpicture environment. Like meantioned here: Standalone package creates a page with a fixed width

And the following makes it work with preview. Notice that it is loaded after tikz:




The last problem is because the minimal class does not work with geometry. Simply using the article class made that work too. (See also Why not use the minimal class)

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In preview, \PreviewBorder=<length>\relax is the replacement for the border=<length> of standalone document class. – kiss my armpit Jul 18 '12 at 9:19

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