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In my document, the captions are set in italics. I use a customized biblatex author/year citation style.

If I \cite within a caption, the citation is set in italics as well. How can I avoid that?

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biblatex offers the \AtEveryCite hook:





  author = {Author, A.},
  year = {2001},
  title = {Alpha},



\caption{A figure \autocite{A01}}



enter image description here

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Very nice and clean solution, thanks! – Tom P. Jul 19 '12 at 7:04

The standard latex cite has a formatting hook \@cite@ofmt other packages may offer different interfaces to setting this but something like

\def\@cite@ofmt#1{\hbox{\reset@font #1}}

probably does what you want.

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Unfortunately, David's answer didn't work for me. But based on his solution, I added \reset@font which worked for me:

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