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Could somebody help me, please?

I'd like to define a new shape with parameters (input/ouput variables and a automat).

It should look like:

INPUT                                          OUTPUT
|      |                                      |      |
|  v1  |                                      |      |
|      |                                      |      |
+------+             AUTOMAT                  |  o1  |
|      |                                      |      |
|  v2  |                                      |      |
|      |                                      |      |

I'm not skilled enought to define such a complex object. I appreciate any help.

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Do you mean something like this?

enter image description here

The picture has been realized by means of:




\tikzset{drawinside/.code n args={4}{%
        \node at ($(#1.north west)!0.5!(#1.west)!0.15!(#1.center)$){#2};
        \node at ($(#1.south west)!0.5!(#1.west)!0.15!(#1.center)$){#3};        
        \draw($(#1.north west)!0.30!(#1.north)$)--($(#1.south west)!0.30!(#1.south)$);
        \draw($(#1.north east)!0.30!(#1.north)$)--($(#1.south east)!0.30!(#1.south)$);
        \node at ($(#1.east)!0.15!(#1.center)$) {#4};

\tikzset{record/.style args={#1 and #2}{
        rectangle,draw,minimum width=#1, minimum height=#2

\NewDocumentCommand{\drawrecord}{d() m m m}{
\node[record=\recordwidth cm and \recordheight cm,name=a\theimage]{};
\node[record=\recordwidth cm and \recordheight cm,name=a\theimage]at(#1){};



The basic command is \drawrecord that accepts as parameters the input and output variables and as an optional parameter, the position of the picture. It is possible to customize the width and the height of the record through the dedicated commands \setrecordwidth and \setrecordheight.

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That's a first trial, since I don't know how to handle the automat. Is it simply a label to be inserted in the middle? – Claudio Fiandrino Jul 21 '12 at 14:57

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