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I have seen that in between texlive 2011 and 2012, there were a lot of new styles developed. But I still have to see a style intended for the Council of Science Editors Citation Style. I'm definitely useless with hardcore tex codes but I definitely tried to read and understand the biblatex manual and the source files for the biblatex style files but I could not start to comprehend where to start so I would be very thankful if someone out there tries to develop a CSE style, specifically the Name-Year Citation Sequence?

Also, does someone out there have an easy work-around without having to develop a CSE style?

Update: December 24, 2012

What I am trying to achieve can be seen in the following external sites:

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Never heard of them. Could you provide a link and examples of the style? – Joseph Wright Jul 22 '12 at 11:01
Have a look at tex.stackexchange.com/questions/12806/… – lockstep Jul 22 '12 at 11:28
The following links can give you some ideas of the style. The first is the official website of the group. www.councilscienceeditors.org/; wvlc.uwaterloo.ca/biology475/CSEStyle%20Manual.pdf; pc.maricopa.edu/departments/library/guides/cse_examples.pdf; mcgill.ca/files/library/CSE-name-year-citation-style-guide.pdf. There is a bibtex style called cbe in texlive but it does not come that close to the descriptions in cse. – hpesoj626 Jul 23 '12 at 3:34
@Joseph Wright. Ops. I have pasted the wrong url. Here is the one I was talking about: oxfordjournals.org/our_journals/molbev/for_authors/… – hpesoj626 Jul 24 '12 at 5:55
A quick look at the style makes me think the 'author-date' style of biblatex-chicago would be a good starting point, especially if you don't need all the types the manual lists. But a full implementation would take some time. One work around is to do the bibliography by hand. You could also try your luck with the librarian package, which ships with a basic author-year style. – jon Jul 24 '12 at 21:26
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There is NO CSE Name-Year biblatex style package yet. But I am trying to work on it. Pardon me for the ugly code. If you have some suggestions, please tell me so that I can learn from you, or better yet, improve the code yourself.

I have several hesitations in answering this question since it happens to be too broad. Perhaps that is partly because this being my first question, I did not know how to ask. I have borrowed answers from several posts, notably:

And here is the biblatex.cfg file.


  references = {Cited References}, % Use "Cited References" as bibliography heading
    january = {Jan}, % Change how the names of months appear
    february = {Feb},
    march = {Mar},
    april = {Apr},
    may = {May},
    june = {Jun},
    july = {Jul},
    august = {Aug},
    september = {Sep},
    october = {Oct},
    november = {Nov},
    december = {Dec}


% ... and remove italization of titles
\renewcommand{\finalnamedelim}{, }

% Remove quotation marks around journal titles etc.

% Print last name first before first name

\DeclareNameAlias{default}{last-first} % changes that of the editor and others

% ... and remove italization of titles

\DeclareFieldFormat{pages}{#1}% no prefix for the `pages` field in the bibliography

% Make all titles except for journal title and journalsubtitle Sentence case



% Remove parentheses around dates



  available = {Available from},

% Redefined url+urldate macro

%    {\setunit*{\addspace}%
%     }

% Add another bibtex entry for medium designator in online titles
      \step[fieldsource=medium, fieldtarget=usera]
      \step[fieldsource=urlupdate, fieldtarget=extradate]

% This is a problematic part
    test {\iffieldundef{title}}
    test {\iffieldundef{subtitle}}


% Driver for article
% Order of fields for article


% cbx part


There is also a biblatex-dm.cfg file:

\DeclareDatamodelFields[type=field, datatype=date, skipout]{urlupdate}
\DeclareDatamodelFields[type=field, datatype=integer]{



Now, I know that this answer complicates things since this question requires that the answer duplicates other answers in the site. However, I believe that prospective users of this style can benefit directly by copying the above codes and modifying at their will. And so I am also making this answer CW.

I have discussed this answer with Joseph Wright at chat some time ago and I am currently working to make this into a biblatex style package.

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Any progress on this? I am desperately looking for latex CSE citation style. The journal I am submitting to prefers word documents (sigh!) and does not provide latex templates... – Stiefel Dec 16 '14 at 8:30
I found this: github.com/josephuses/biblatex-cse – Stiefel Dec 16 '14 at 9:29
Hi @Stiefel. Sorry for not replying to you immediately. I was in need of this style 2 years ago. Unfortunately, I did not make any more progress than what is already in my github account. Please feel free to modify and ask questions here as you deem necessary. At the moment, I have become too busy with other matters. I feel the way you do about there being no CSE citation style yet. At this point, it is already a pain looking at what I did 2 years and not being able to finish it. Sigh... – hpesoj626 Dec 20 '14 at 12:12

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