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I have a document with many floats (figures, specifically). I want to be able to change the global floats positioning policy from htbp to just h (or even H with the floats package). For my-own reasons, I don't want to do this by appending the [h] argument to each float env.

One option that I can think of is using a macro:

\newcommand{\mypos}{h} % or htbp

I also prefer not to do that - It is cumbersome.

Is there a way to set the global float positioning argument globally?

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If you accept an answer, it would be nice to also upvote it. (This is also true for my answer to your question abour listings and subfigure. ;-)) – lockstep Dec 3 '10 at 12:23
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Some lines in the preamble should do the trick.

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You may use the floatrow package and its \floatplacement macro:








% \centering% default with "floatrow"
\caption{A figure}


enter image description here

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