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I can't find a lot of informations about LaTeXML here but I hope somebody can help me.

In a LaTeX document, I use a \includepdf with the option pages. I have created a mystyle.sty.ltxml in which I use the following macro :


When I want to compile with :

latexmlpost --dest=mypage.xhtml mydoc.xml, latexmlpost

the script transforms my pdf to a png. But every page is print above the previous, so we can't read the file. (by example, this png was generated from a "3 pages document")

Does someone have a solution ?

Sorry for my bad english

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The best place for asking LaTeXML questions is probably the LaTeXML mailing list (http://lists.jacobs-university.de/mailman/listinfo/project-latexml). There is also a bug tracker at https://trac.mathweb.org/LaTeXML/ if you think your question is more a bug.

The two main developers of LaTeXML are present (and active) the list and TRAC.

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