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I am a big fan of Lyx, but find that when I want to include a few Thai words within an English document, things start getting difficult.

There are many solutions posted online, not all of which are easy to follow for non-TeX-experts like myself. Some of the solutions appear not to work with Lyx.

What is the easiest way to insert Thai words into an English Lyx document?

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After trying several methods, the most efficient way I have found is to do the following:

For all of the following you need to go be in Document Settings, which is in the "Document" menu.

  1. In the "LaTeX Preamble", add this:

    \XeTeXlinebreaklocale ’th_TH’
  2. In the "Fonts" section, tick "Use non-TeX fonts (via XeTeX/LuaTeX)".

  3. In the "Output" section, Default Output format box, choose "PDF (XeTeX)".
  4. Press "OK".

When you click "view" or "update" document, you will now see a PDF which should show both Thai and English words correctly.

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