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I would like to have the abstract (specified in the .bib file) for each citation in a paper to appear in the References section. How can I accomplish this?

The .bib file (generated by Mendeley) has the abstract specified so:

abstract = {really long abstract},
author = {Author, F M},
journal = {Nano Letters},
keywords = {key,words},
number = {12},
pages = {2728--2735},
title = {{The Title}},
volume = {6},
year = {2006}

The citation displays fine with


but I would just like the full abstract included in the citation, something like

[1] F M Author. The Title. [Abstract here, or anywhere.] Nano Letters, 6(12):2728-2735, 2006.

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The only ready-made bibliography style file I know of that is set to print out the contents of a bibitem's abstract field in the References (but not as part of a citation) is called abstract.bst.

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Perfect! That is what I was looking for. – andyras Jul 26 '12 at 19:38

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