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I would like to be able to determine the line spacing in the following example:

enter image description here

The line spacing is clearly not good. My TeX code looks as follows:

\HRule \\[0.5cm]
{ \fontsize{30pt}{10cm}\neosanslight This is some random text with not enough line spacing} 
\HRule \\[1.5cm]

I thought that the second argument to the \fontsize command would determine the line spacing, but no matter what I set it to, it does not change.

My definition of the custom font looks like this:

UprightFont={* Light},
ItalicFont={* Light Italic}]{NeoSans}

I am using XeLaTeX to be able to use the custom font.

Does anyone have suggestions for a solution?

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It's a well known problem: the paragraph you're typesetting uses the baseline skip current outside the braces, because the end of paragraph is seen after the closing brace, which ends the scope of the \fontsize declaration. Just add \par before the closing brace:

\HRule \\[0.5cm]
{\fontsize{30pt}{10cm}\neosanslight This is some random text with not enough line spacing\par} 
\HRule \\[1.5cm]
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