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When defining a style for a listings environment, I can set the background color by doing:


Apart from backgroundcolor, which other options are available? In particular, how can I set the font weight to bold?

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There a lot options, all described in the documentation. The font can be changed e.g. with basicstyle. – Ulrike Fischer Jul 27 '12 at 10:26
add ,basicstyle=\bfseries\footnotesize in your MWE. – Kurt Jul 27 '12 at 15:41
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Apart from backgroundcolor, which other options are available?

Most packages have a documentation. The documentation is available on your computer. You can open the documentation with the command line:

texdoc <packagename>

The command texdoc has same extra options which are documented, too. Run:

texdoc texdoc

to open the documentation. Of course it is also available in the web.

Online version of texdoc

Based on the given information you can open the documentation of listings by

texdoc listings

If you want the online documentation go to CTAN:

listings at CTAN

In section 4.6 Figure out the appearance you find the option basicstyle which is documented as:

is selected at the beginning of each listing. You could use \footnotesize, \small, \itshape, \ttfamily, or something like that. The last token of basic style must not read any following characters.

The package listings provides an extra development documentation. For this

  1. download the file listings.zip
  2. extract the file listings.zip
  3. run make all

The result will be the huge pdf-file listings-devel.pdf

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