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Is there a nice and easy way to include a vertical colored bar on the titlepage with some rotated text? I would like to have something similar to ERDC sample, but covering the left 5cm of the page without leaving any white space. I already checked the code of erdc.cls but found it to be beyond my knowledge.

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I wonder why there is no tikz answers yet? – Harish Kumar Jul 27 '12 at 14:00
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Build your titlepage with environment titlepage and package textpos like this:




% Logo white

% Titel
  {\noindent \Huge %\LARGE
      \textbf{\\[4.0ex] Title of paper}\\[1.2ex] %Maintitle
       subtitle \\[1.2ex] %Subtitle

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Here is a simple method using two minipages.

\rotatebox{90}{\colorbox{red}{\makebox[0.99\textheight]{\rule{0pt}{0.3\textwidth}\textcolor{white}{\Large abcdef} \hfill}}}
A nice document
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