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So, using pdfLaTeX, I need to write the Kha with descender symbol (which looks like ҳ). Taken from Wikipedia:

enter image description here

It comes up with Afghan history, if anyone's curious why I need it...

I know this can be done with XeLaTeX, but I'd prefer avoiding XeLaTeX if possible (I'm also using microtype).

Using Babel for one character seems excessive...what other options are there?

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These characters are available in font encoding T2A, for example. They can be used without babel:


  U+04B2: {\fontencoding{T2A}\selectfont\CYRHDSC}

  U+04B3: {\fontencoding{T2A}\selectfont\cyrhdsc}

In order to avoid PK-Fonts the package cm-super should be installed.

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Adding to Heiko's excellent answer, one can also input the character directly, provided the file is UTF8 encoded:


  U+04B2: {\fontencoding{T2A}\selectfont\CYRHDSC} Ҳ

  U+04B3: {\fontencoding{T2A}\selectfont\cyrhdsc} ҳ

Of course Russian (or other language using the character) babel should not be used.

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This was a fantastic answer, I really appreciate your solution :) – Alex Nelson Jul 27 '12 at 19:21

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