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I have a definition, and a footnote which refers to the whole definition.  So I’d ideally like an output looking something like:

Definition 1.53.   A footnote is a small aside, usually placed at the bottom of a page and marked by a tag in the main text.

3Some people think that footnotes are bad style.

Is there a good way to get this placement of the footnote marker?  Neither of the following comes out right (for obvious reasons):

\begin{definition}\footnote{Footnote text.} We define \ldots

\begin{definition}[\footnote{Footnote text.}] We define \ldots

I’m using amsthm, but answers for without that would be interesting too.

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Change the definition of \thetheorem inside a group so as to include the desired footnote. (I use the \apptocmd command of the etoolbox package to amend the definition without looking up the particulars of the original.)





\apptocmd{\thetheorem}{\protect\footnote{A footnote.}}{}{}

Some text.


Some text.


EDIT: Interestingly, this only seems to work with amsthm.

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Redefining \thetheorem won't work well with the \label/\ref mechanism as the footnote will appear at each reference. You can get around this by replacing \protect\footnote{A footnote.} by \unless\ifx\protect\@unexpandable@protect\protect\footnote{A footnote.}\fi. –  Philippe Goutet Dec 4 '10 at 1:05

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