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Can you please help me to process biblatex entries. I want to...

  1. Print separate bibliographies for online and offline entries
  2. Both @online entries and @misc entries with a url-field should go into the 'online' category. All other entries should go into the 'offline' category.
  3. I want don't want to display the url and urldate of offline entries.

I have tried combining answers from the following webpages:

When should I use \AtEveryCitekey and when should I use \AtEveryBibitem? Can I issue multiple \AtEvery*** commands, or will one command replace the other?

Here is my minimal (not fully) working example. I can always either get the categorization or the clearing of fields to work, but not both:


        test {\ifentrytype{online}}
        ( test {\ifentrytype{misc}}
          and not test {\iffieldundef{url}}
    { \addtocategory{online}{\thefield{entrykey}}\clearfield{url}\clearfield{urldate} }
    { \addtocategory{offline}{\thefield{entrykey}} }


      author         = "Authors1",
      title          = "{Title of article}",
      collaboration  = "Collaboration",
      year           = "2012",
      url            = "http://www.sciencedirect.com/",
      urldate        = "2012-07-12",
      author         = "Authors2",
      title          = "{Title of website}",
      year           = "2011",
      url            = "http://www.gmx.at/",
      urldate        = "2012-06-10",
      author         = "Authors3",
      title          = "{Title of video}",
      year           = "2012",
      howpublished   = "Youtube video",
      url            = "http://youtube.com/watch/123",
      urldate        = "2012-06-06",      




\printbibliography[category=offline,title={Offline Articles}]

\printbibliography[category=online,title={Online Articles}]

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This is best done using biber's sequential source mapping feature which allows you to modify the data as a stream as it's processed, without actually changing the source files:


  \maps[datatype=bibtex, overwrite=true]{
      \step[fieldset=keywords, fieldvalue=offline]
      \step[fieldset=keywords, fieldvalue=online]
      \step[fieldsource=url, final]
      \step[fieldset=keywords, fieldvalue=online]
      \step[fieldsource=keywords, match=offline, final]
      \step[fieldset=url, null]

\printbibliography[keyword=offline,title={Offline Articles}]
\printbibliography[keyword=online,title={Online Articles}]
  • First set a default keyword of "offline" for an entry
  • Then overwrite this with "online" if the entry is @online or @misc with URL field
  • Then delete the URL field if the keywords field is still "offline"
  • print two bibliographies conditionalised on the keywords

Split bib

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Thank you! I added one line \step[fieldset=urldate, null] as last command within the last map block so to also reset the urldate . It works perfectly fine, thanks! – Johannes Jul 30 '12 at 14:31

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