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I hope somebody can help me. I am search for a split of a rectangle like this:

\node[rectangle,draw,minimum width=3cm, minimum height=3cm] (rec) {};
\node[name=v1,minimum width=3cm * 0.16cm] at
        ($(rec.north west)!0.5!(rec.west)!0.18!(rec.center)$){$v_1$};
\node[name=v2, minimum width=3cm * 0.16cm] at
    ($(rec.south west)!0.5!(rec.west)!0.18!(rec.center)$){$v_2$};
\draw (rec.north west) rectangle ($(rec.west)!0.32!(rec.center)$) {};
\draw (rec.south west) rectangle ($(rec.west)!0.32!(rec.center)$) {};

But what can I do if I would like to create a rectangle with x variables?

4 variables
|    v1   |             |
+---------+             |
|    d    |             |
+---------+             |
|    c2   |             |
+---------+             |
|    f    |             |

I would like to use a 'for each'-loop and access my rec via north, south, etc. I appreciate any help. Thank you! ;-)

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Not sure exactly what you desire, but perhaps Creating a fraction graph in TikZ, or Divide a rectangle into n times k equal cells might help. – Peter Grill Aug 1 '12 at 22:16

A solution using fit, positioning and chains TikZ libraries:

      draw,line width=1pt,align=center,
      text width=1cm,text height=.8em,text depth=.2em,
  \begin{scope}[start chain=going below,node distance=-1pt]
    \foreach \x in {a,v1,d,c2,f,g,h}{
      \node[on chain,mybox](\x){\x};
  \coordinate (right) at ([xshift=2cm]a.east);

  \node[fit=(a)(h)(right),inner sep=-.5pt,line width=1pt,draw=blue]

enter image description here

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thank you very much ;-) That's what I'm searching for. – drh Aug 2 '12 at 20:23

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