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I'm having trouble getting the author email address to appear as an endnote -- marked with a letter -- in a LyX revtex document. Instead, it's showing up as a footnote.

Here's a .lyx document and an associated .bib file as an example.


Here's a description of the endnote I'm talking about:

Auxiliary author information, for instance including email addresses, should be listed at the beginning of the endnote section using superscripted Latin letters followed by right parentheses (e.g.," c) ").

I can now get the email address to go to the right place using the prb option, and I can the endnote to be a letter with the altaffilletter option, but I still can't get the right parenthesis.

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Add the following as part of an ERT at the end of your document:

enter image description here


This adds the necessary parenthesis at the end of the marker as required:

enter image description here

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