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I'm using Springers (free) svmult template to compose a book as editor with several individual contribution by different authors. Every author should be able to have his own bibliography at the end of his contributions.

Technically, this is a master file (editor.tex) with many included files (author1.tex, author2.tex ...)

In the author.tex template, there is the following advice:

% BibTeX users please use
% \bibliographystyle{}
% \bibliography{}
% Non-BibTeX users please follow the syntax
% the syntax of "referenc.tex" for your own citations

Now I tried several ways to use


(of course with style and file specified):

  1. only in the master file -> doesn't work

  2. in each author file -> latex complains about more than one style/bibliography file found

  3. the style in the masterfile, the bibliography in each author file - > prints the complete bibliography at the end of each contribution, not only the bibliography for that contribution.

Now I'm a bit stuck - how can I realize one separate bibliography for each contribution in the book?

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You can use biblatex. The class allows these settings. – Marco Daniel Aug 4 '12 at 21:29
@MarcoDaniel I see, thanks! – user17106 Aug 8 '12 at 20:13