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I am writing a report on robot wars (as funny as it sounds).

One major section in my report is on EMP Cannons. Whenever I type EMP I get this:


I am using macvim with some latex attachement. Does anyone know how I can figure out where this is coming from and disable it?

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This is a vim latex-suite macro, the official way to disable these is described here

However I had trouble getting those instructions to work in the past. Eventually I created a file ~/.vim/after/ftplugin/tex/afterls.vim and added the line call IMAP('EMP', 'EMP', 'tex') which just expands EMP to EMP.

This is a very silly way to do it so I am looking forward to seeing the correct answer.

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This found it:

% pwd
% grep -r EMP .
./ftplugin/latex-suite/wizardfuncs.vim:\."\n EFL   ".g:Tex_Leader2."fl   flushleft           EMP   ".g:Tex_Leader2."mp   minipage"
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