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I was using pdfcomment to generate annotations in PDF files. But when I try to view the output PDF in Evince the annotations appear as a weird symbol that is not clickable:


Any suggestions for fixing the problem? I am using Evince 3.4.0 with Poppler 0.18. I tried viewing other PDFs with annotations in Evince and those seem to be fine, so I think it might be a pdfcomment issue.

Here is an example:



The generated pdf looks just like the screenshot above.

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could you provide a MWE for folks to play with? – cmhughes Aug 3 '12 at 23:46

According to the pdfcomment author, this problem was due to Evince not following the PDF Reference on annotations. Evince seems to have a problem with the zero width that pdfcomment specifies for its annotations.

See also bug 685334 (Fixed on June, 2015 and available since Evince 3.18).

A workaround could be to directly use the \pdfannot command. I use this:

width 2\baselineskip
height 2\baselineskip
depth 0pt
/Subtype /Text
/T (\x@title)
/Contents (\x@contents)

(copied from here)

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