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I'm writing a thesis and sections are required to have roman numerals in both the toc and the document itself. The pertinent document code looks like this:

\usepackage[indentfirst]{titlesec} %To allow for formatting section titles
\usepackage{ragged2e} %To allow for indentation with the raggedright command


\section{First Section}
\section{Second Section}
\subsection*{First Subsection}

This code gives me titles formatted according to my specifications, but the \renewcommand\thesection{\Roman{section}.} code only seems to affect the toc, not the actual section titles. As you can see, I have the command both on its own and with the \titleformat command, but neither one produces results. How can I get the number to show up in the actual section title?

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According to the manual of titlesec the command \titleformat* takes two arguments the section type/level and the format of the section. For the label you have to use \titleformat{command}[shape]{format}{label}{sep}{before code}[after code].

So you have to use something like the following

  {\thesection. }

to achieve the desired outcome.

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