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The endfloat package is very useful to programmatically move all floats to the end of a manuscript without manually editing each floating environment. However, it introduces a placeholder tag with the text "Figure X about here". For my current use case, I would prefer it simply move the figures to the end silently, and not print this placeholder text.

I can suppress the figure/table table-of-contents it creates by re-defining the commands:

\usepackage{endfloat} % Floats at end
\renewcommand{\listoffigures}{} % but suppress these lists
\renewcommand{\listoftables}{} % suppress these lists

But not sure what to do to remove the "[Figure X about here]" text. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Use the nomarkers option:


As a side note, instead of redefining \listoffigures and \listoftables, you can suppress them using the package options nofiglist, notablist


or equivalently, [nolists]

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