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I need to copy some fancy formatted code listing from one documentation to another. The person who formatted the code back then used the command \lorangebox to highlight some parts of it. Now I am in search of the package \lorangebox belongs too, since I don't want to simple take over the whole header from the old documentation.

Does someone know, which package the command belongs too. Google unfortunately doesn't provide me with much information on this issue.

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Since Google would be the predominant choice in finding this and you were unsuccessful, could you describe \lorangebox in a bit more detail? Even better, scan and post an image that shows the actual \lorangebox (even if you can't post images, post the link; someone with edit privileges will re-insert the image). Does it just have an orange line on the left, say? My bet is on mdframed or tcolorbox. – Werner Aug 5 '12 at 16:53
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First I have not found it in TL 2011. Perhaps \lorangebox is directly defined in the preamble. Have you searched the preamble?

If \lorangebox is defined somewhere else, then the package can be found by looking at the definition of \lorangebox at different times:

  1. Interactive: \show\lorangebox stops the LaTeX run and shows the definition. At the beginning it should be undefined, after \begin{document} it should contain something.

  2. The meaning of \lorangebox can be written to the screen and .log file:

    \typeout{\string\lorangebox: \meaning\lorangebox}

    (\string just prints the following command and \meaning reveals the meaning.) That line can be added between the packages and studying the .log file should narrow the place, where \lorangebox is defined.

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headdesk You are right. It was defined in the preamble. Thanks. Maybe there is a time, when I simply should stop working. ;) – ali Aug 6 '12 at 7:23

Looking for \orangebox instead (probably based on it) yielded me some clues:

Some file:



% \OrangeBox<overlay spec>[tikz picture/node options]{<content>}

% draws content boxed in an orange call-out box

\newcommand<>{**\OrangeBox**}[2][]{% \onslide#3{\NormalBox[fill=orange!30, draw=black!30,rounded corners=4pt,#1]{#2}}%

You should try the "tikz" and "textpos" packages for sure if they are within the original header.

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Yep. It is based on that package. I would give you an upvote for this, but I can't do it yet. ;) – ali Aug 6 '12 at 7:30
Thank you. Glad to help. Someone else then perhaps ^^? – Dualinity Aug 7 '12 at 12:54

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