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In a book, I set up indentation to be 1em for every paragraph, including the first paragraph in sections:


However, TeX4HT doesn't honor this setting and sets the first paragraph to noindent.

How can I prevent TeX4HT from setting first paragraphs to noindent?

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Will it honour the indentfirst package? – jon Aug 5 '12 at 18:32
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There are many \noindents in tex4ht's configuration files, easiest way to solve this situation is to use custom CSS code to select p.noindent elements which are direct children of body (there are also p.noindents which are used in tables, theorems etc., where we probably don't want indentation)

Put this into custom config file or custom 4ht file:

\Css{body > p.noindent{
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Perfect, thank you! – ℝaphink Aug 5 '12 at 20:43

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