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consider the following example:






\REQUIRE $x$ and $y$
\ENSURE $|x + y|$
\STATE $z = x + y$
\RETURN $-z$\label{l1}

cref\{l1\}: \cref{l1}, ref\{l1\}: \ref{l1}

\REQUIRE $x$ and $y$
\ENSURE $|x - y|$
\STATE $z = x - y$
\RETURN $-z$\label{l2}

cref\{l2\}: \cref{l2}, ref\{l2\}: \ref{l2}


This will output (apart from the pseudocode):

cref{l1}: line 3, ref{l1} 3

cref{l2}: line 9, ref{l2} 3

As you will notice, \cref{l2} returns an incorrect line number. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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cleveref only claims to support a limited number of packages and algorithmic is not on that list. However, adding \setcounter{ALC@unique}{0} after the beginning of your algorithmic enviroments fixes the problem, i.e., writing

\REQUIRE $x$ and $y$


I suggest you wrap this up in a new environment, so that you do not have to write it each time.

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Actually, cleveref 0.18.5 claims to support the algorithms package, which ships the algorithmic package. But you are correct - it is currently not supported, but will be fixed with 0.18.6 (in development). For now only algorithmicx is supported. – Karalga Aug 6 '12 at 13:52

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