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When I insert more than one new line before the if-clause of an algorithm; or a new line between two if-clauses in an Algorithms-section, I get the following error: []

! LaTeX Error: There's no line here to end.

Here follows extracts from my code:

            \If{ $currentFecUnit$ > $HIGHEST\_FEC\_UNIT\_NR\_DECODED\_GLOBAL$ OR
            ( $currentFecUnit$ == 0 AND $nrOfPacketsReceived$ == 1 ) }
              ExtractPktHeaderAndPutIntoGlobalFecUnitHeaderValues () 

How do I add one more line before the if-clause without gettin syntax-error?

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You can use \BlankLine:



\KwData{this text}
\KwResult{how to write algorithm with \LaTeX2e }
\While{not at end of this document}{
read current\;
go to next section\;
current section becomes this one\;
go back to the beginning of current section\;
\caption{How to write algorithms}


enter image description here

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