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How can I add a chapter entry to TOC without showing the correspondent page number? my documentclass is report and I am generating my TOC like this:


Thank you.

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You could load the tocloft package and issue the command \cftpagenumbersoff{chapter}. This will suppress the showing of the page numbers of chapter-type entries globally.

To make this change apply to only a single instance of a chapter, you might type

\addtocontents{toc}{\cftpagenumberson{chapter}} % to restore the showing of page numbers
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You can add text to the table of contents using the command \addtocontents. Internally, LaTeX uses a couple of commands to create these entries. So for example to add a line, matching the rest of the contents style for chapters write

\addtocontents{toc}{\contentsline{chapter}{\numberline{}Title of this chapter}{}}

Here I assuming you do not wish to have the chapter number displayed, as per your question on bibliographies. If you do wish to have a chapter number, it is inserted as the first argument to \numberline (one can conviently use \thechapter for that).

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